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We often get people asking about retreats or courses:

  • What is a Retreat like?
  • What can you hope to get out of a retreat?
  • How do you manage being silent for a week?
  • Do you have to be a very religious person to benefit from a retreat at St Beuno's?

We can tell them as best we can. But for many questions it would be better if those who participate share the experience of a retreat or course at St Beuno's.

Scarecrows We would like to ask those who have recently been to St Beuno's to imagine a person thinking of coming, perhaps for the first time, what sort of questions might they have. Perhaps you came for the first time not long ago, how did you find things. Is there anything you would have liked to have known beforehand that you can tell people about.

We know everyone's retreat experience is different, but if we could hear about a few retreat experiences, then it might well encourage those who are considering coming along to take the plunge.

When we do get a few constructive comments we will link them to the pages that refer to the retreat or put them on the comments page.

Please send your comment to: WEBMASTER

Add your pictures to our facebook page.

Not a couple of typical retreatants, but St Beuno's contribution to the Tremeirchion annual Scarecrows festival: Sister Winefride and Fr Beuno taking the sun.


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